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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

How we do it.

Smiling, kneeling woman holds a treat over cavalier king charles spaniels outside in the grass.

Breeding for Health and Temperament

Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy’s health and temperament have a big impact on your day-to-day life. That’s why we choose carefully when pairing up our health-tested Dams and Sires.

Each breeding Dam is evaluated and matched with a breeding Stud that can compensate for weaknesses and enhance strengths.

There are many factors to consider, and we focus on temperament and “soundness”, that quality of being a well-built, vigorous example of the breed.

What is Socialization?

Socialization Matters

The Puppy Culture Method

We work hard to make sure your dog isn’t………weird

From the beginning of their lives, Blue House Cavaliers are lovingly tended. They are carefully held and watched over by me and my family. We begin on day 3 with Early Neurological Stimulation, which is proven to improve the puppies’ heart rates and stress response for their whole lives. We incrementally progress to greater challenges over the 9-10 weeks that they live with us.

A FRIGHTENED DOG IS AN UNSAFE DOG. We start your puppy on the road to being a dog that can adapt to its new life without fear or aggression. YOU finish the job of socialization when you take your puppy home. It’s the secret to a happy dog that is confident, friendly and ready to learn.

Puppy Culture offers a few free training videos to help new puppy owners socialize and train their dog!

Three cavaliers run in the grass.

Our 1.5 acre fenced back yard

Grass and shade and lots of space to run.

Close up black and white photo shows a puppy cradled in the lap of an elderly woman, her hands lying on top of his back.  Her hands are adorned with old fashioned jewelry and show the marks of extreme age.

Comfort pups

At 7.5 weeks, our puppies visit the local nursing home to bring smiles and to learn about different environments.

Blenheim cavalier puppy sits in the grass looking up at the camera

Outside time is vital for puppies.

This is a puppy from a previous litter.

7 week old puppy in the arms of a nursing home resident reaches up to give kisses.

Meeting new (old) folks

Wheelchairs, walkers, PA systems, fluorescent lights and new smells teach our puppies to enjoy all kinds of people.

A red-headed 8 year old girl kneels and smiles into the face of a blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel.

Dogs need kids

Our dogs play with children of all ages: toddlers, grade-school and teens.

How much does a Cavalier cost?

Blue House Cavaliers are currently priced between $3500 and $5000 with limited AKC Registration, depending on parentage and other factors.

More FAQs Below

See our current Cavalier Puppies for Sale to find out about all the extras included in the purchase price.

Please Contact Me if you are over 65 and a long-time Cavalier fancier looking for a Cavvie. I can help!

The dog was created specially for children.
He is the God of frolic.

Frankie, female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel being held by the three laughing, standing little girls that she lives with.

Health Testing

We are always happy to answer your questions about testing!

As recommended by the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club (ACKCSC), Blue House Cavaliers’ Dams and Sires are health tested and screened as follows:


“Breeders must screen their Cavaliers with board certified veterinarian ophthalmologists and only breed Cavaliers that fall within normal limits or with CERF breeder options.”


“The recommended health screenings for Cavaliers are annual auscultations (listening to the heart with a stethoscope) by board certified cardiologists and doppler (Echocardiogram) if there is a question on auscultation.”


“Diagnosis of hip dysplasia is made by x ray. In the Cavalier it is a breeder’s choice to x ray for hip dysplasia as the incidences of the condition at this time seem fairly low. ” Blue House Cavaliers are x rayed after 2 years old and we make careful breeding decisions based on the findings.


“Cavaliers used for breeding should have within normal limits patellas as determined by an OFA examination at age one.”

DNA Screening

Although the ACKCSC doesn’t recommend DNA screening, Blue House Cavalier breeding Dams and Studs are screened for DNA markers for specific diseases. We make thoughtful breeding decisions based on those findings.

PLEASE READ: A note about Umbilical hernias

Red-headed twin girls and their two little sisters hug their Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Purchase Process

If you are ready to get in touch with us, go to our CONTACT page and reach out with your questions. We will likely ask you to fill out an APPLICATION if you are ready to take the next step.

After a video call, where we all “meet” each other, you then pay a $500 deposit to get a spot on the waiting list. (Deposit is fully refundable until the puppy is 6 weeks old.) Right now, we have a few people waiting for tricolor females. Our next litters are due in April. We will discuss your family’s lifestyle and preferences to match you with a puppy that suits YOU.

Start preparing by READING, gathering SUPPLIES, lining up an initial vet visit for your puppy and looking into puppy classes and training options.

Full payment is due at or before transfer of the puppy. A PURCHASE CONTRACT is signed by the breeder and buyer that clarifies our obligations and responsibilities so that you are protected from things that can go wrong.

See our FAQs below!


Answers to common questions about our puppies.

Why should I get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

I truly believe that based on their loving temperament ALONE, the Cavalier is a breed worth preserving. Their adaptability to almost every lifestyle, combined with their eager to please disposition, moderate size and grooming requirements make them the perfect dog for families, the elderly, and people with disabilities. In fact, Cavaliers are often trained as therapy and emotional support animals, utilizing their natural instincts to gravitate to those who need them most.

Can I meet your puppies and breeding Dams?

You can FaceTime or video chat me almost any normal time of the day and I will show you my house, my yard, the puppies, their mamas, and my dirty dishes in the sink. We are real people and we really want you to feel comfortable about this process.

Fill out an APPLICATION or CONTACT ME and I’ll get in touch.

Do Blue House Cavaliers have a health guarantee?

Our dogs are guaranteed to be free of life-threatening illness for the first two years of their lives. This is specifically written out in the PURCHASE CONTRACT. We make careful decisions about breeding in an attempt to produce the very best dogs. If something goes terribly wrong, I will make it right as best I can, because my reputation MATTERS to me.

Do Cavaliers shed a lot?

According to the AKC, Cavaliers shed “occasionally”. I find that some Cavaliers, like some people, have twice as much hair as other Cavaliers and so they shed more often. Another Cavalier may have a more fine-textured coat that sheds only occasionally and is less—fluffy (a highly technical term). Brushing your cavalier once or twice a week with a slicker brush for about 10 minutes will keep their coat tangle-free, shiny, and less likely to end up on your coffee table.

Are Cavaliers good watch dogs?

Um, no.

They will tell you when someone is at your house because they want to lick them and play. They love people and don’t know a stranger, especially if they’ve been properly socialized. Any dog that isn’t properly socialized will be fearful of strangers and act badly.

What about barking?

Like most dogs, Cavaliers bark to alert you that someone is at the door and to get your attention when they want it. Also, some are just more VOCAL than others. (Just like people!). My most vocal Cavalier is still beloved beyond words by my children, even though I retired him to live with someone else. My kids will NEVER forgive me for rehoming Gunther. Also, if your Cavalier is bored or neglected, she will behave badly, either by barking or chewing up your furniture.

We watch the puppies carefully to learn their personalities, and we will work to match you with a puppy that suits your needs.

How much exercise does a Cavalier need?

My favorite thing about Cavaliers is how adaptable their energy level is. Do you want a dog that snuggles and lies at your feet (or on your couch) all day? Cavaliers will do that. Do you want a dog to go on a three mile walk with you every morning? Cavaliers will do that, too. If you have a fenced yard where they can do their business and run and play, they will rarely want for more than a 20 minute walk or play session to break up some cabin fever.

How do I Reserve a Puppy?

Start by filling out an APPLICATION. That’s how we get to know a little bit about you and what you are looking for. If you have specifics in mind, let us know what is on your “wish list”.

Next, when you’re approved, I’ll send you a DEPOSIT AGREEMENT so you can reserve your spot on our list. Your $500 deposit is fully refundable UNTIL the puppy is 6 weeks old.

How do you match me with a puppy?

We will have lots of conversations with you about what you are looking for and the emerging personalities of our current puppies. We want you to have the right fit for you. We will kindly steer you away from choices that we think are unwise.

How do I pick up my puppy?

You are more than welcome to drive to our home in Southeastern Utah, aka., the Four Corners area. Go see Monument Valley and Arches National Park while you’re at it!

Our location is perfect for us, but terribly inconvenient for most people. I will meet you at the SLC or ABQ airport, or in Flagstaff, AZ or in Grand Junction, CO if you are willing to pay for my mileage and a couple of burgers and Diet Cokes.

What comes with my puppy?

All Blue House Cavaliers come microchipped and AKC registered, with up-to-date vaccinations, deworming, a veterinary exam, a blanket that smells like mama and a one-week food supply. Your puppy will be well on the road to full socialization and the beginnings of house-breaking. Right now, I am also including lifetime access to an online puppy-prep course for new owners, from PUPPY CULTURE. In addition, you can always reach out to me with your questions.