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Reviews from our happy puppy homes.

Blue House Cavaliers are ready to learn and adapt to your family’s routine. But don’t just take my word for it!

Ricky is the happiest, most well-adjusted Cavalier we could ever hope for! We followed the how-to videos we were given free access to, and he was so far ahead that it was easy! Our experience with Blue House Cavaliers has been amazing! I would rate this breeder 5 stars +. She follows all the AKC recommendations for Cavaliers. We would highly recommend and will be getting our next Cavalier from Wendy!!

10 week old Cavalier puppy snuggles on the couch while sleeping on the arm of his owner.

While doing research for reputable Cavalier breeders, I was referred to the Blue House Cavaliers website. After thoroughly reviewing the site and FaceTiming with Wendy, I knew in my heart that Blue House was the right fit for our family! We lived too far to visit the puppies in person, but after sharing information about our family and what we were looking for in a family pet, Wendy chose the perfect puppy for us. We could not love Ivy more! She is healthy, smart, confident, affectionate, well socialized, beautiful, and makes every day brighter for our family! While we waited to pick her up, Wendy stayed in contact with us, answering our questions and giving us the best puppy advice. Wendy also went over and beyond to make travel easier for us and followed up once we got home. I cannot say enough great things about Blue House Cavaliers, and I highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for the perfect family pet.

A smiling 12-year-old boy holds a 10-week-old tricolor female Cavalier puppy.  Big smile on boy's face as he kneels on the kitchen floor in his home.

We can’t recommend Wendy highly enough! She is a wonderful breeder, very loving and caring and has great integrity! We watched the videos she included to help us and our cavalier Rosie get off to a great start. Her dogs and puppies are treated as members of the family. We had the opportunity to visit her home to see the puppies and the Mom before we chose our perfect puppy, Rosie! Wendy kept us up to date with pictures  and updates for a month before we were able to pick up our baby Rosie! Wendy is also a very responsible breeder and mindful of all the health issues of Cavaliers. So if you are looking for a beautiful , happy, well adjusted Cavalier then Wendy is the breeder you want! 
Rosie sleeps so well all night long and goes potty outside like a pro! Such a good girl!🥰

Beautiful 9 week old Blenheim female Cavalier puppy gazes meltingly into the camera from a comfy position  on the couch.

Here are some photos of Pippa and Gunther’s “Red,” now our Billy 🙂
Loving. Affectionate. Playful. Good with children and dogs, friendly to all. In our opinion, the classic Cavalier. We love him so much. 
Please keep in touch- we have neighbors who absolutely adore Billy. He is the neighborhood favorite.

Beautiful adult male Blenheim Cavalier sits on the carpet looking like a super model.